The Google Ad Grants Complete Course 2024

In these lessons I share everything I know about Google Ad Grants, based on ten years' experience of managing and auditing accounts, and teaching nonprofits to improve their digital marketing.

Maximize your nonprofit's real-world results from advertising

Jason King—Google Ad Grants

Learn to get measurable results from your Ad Grant while maintaining compliance and increasing spend

Watch video tutorials that demonstrate how to follow best practice to set up your nonprofit's ad campaigns. 

Written lessons and checklists provide all the directions you need to manage your own account and make data-driven decisions about your nonprofit's online advertising.

The course includes a detailed step-by-step walk-through of how to set up conversion tracking, the trickiest technical challenge in running a successful ad campaign. This is something that other Ad Grant courses don't teach you.

This course also includes advice for agencies that struggle to manage Ad Grants.

Start learning Google Ad Grants today

Your tutor: Jason King

I'm a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional, a Google Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Partner. I've worked in the charity tech sector for over 25 years: as a tech project manager, web developer, digital marketer, and trainer.

I've managed Ad Grant accounts for nonprofits of all types and sizes, audited accounts, and trained staff and volunteers to manage their own accounts. The knowledge and skills I've learned along the way, I'm passing on to you.

I'm a Platinum level Google Product Expert, active on the official Google Ad Grant and Google Ads forums, helping to solve people's problems and guide them to better results.

Jason King—Google Ad Grants tutor

Course curriculum

You can preview some of the lessons below, read the tutorials, and watch the videos. This is an evolving course: lessons will be updated and expanded with new examples, and new lessons will be added throughout the year.

  Introduction to the Google Ad Grant
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Is your nonprofit's website ready to advertise?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to set up conversion tracking using Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Build your first Search campaign
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Ongoing maintenance and analyzing statistics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to fix problems
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Beyond Google Ad Grants
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Give your feedback
Available in days
days after you enroll

From beginner to advanced: learn new techniques

Everything you need to get started with Google Ad Grants, and optimize your ad campaigns for real-world results.

Not just a course, it's a community

As you watch the videos and read the lessons, you're bound to have questions. This course includes a forum for you to ask me questions, and share your experiences with other learners. In response I'll create new videos and update lessons with new information.

The 2024 course roadmap for new content

I'm committed to keeping the course updated to reflect future changes in Ad Grants and Google Ads.

In addition, new lessons will be added to this course throughout 2024. Here's the current roadmap for future content, and I would like you to tell me what other lessons you'd like to see added.

Mar—Choosing a donation platform for Google Ads

Apr—Strategies for getting donation revenue

Apr—Why you should also run ads in a paid Google Ads account

Apr—Audience targeting and remarketing

May—How to audit a Google Ad Grant account

May—Using AI for keyword research and writing ad copy

May—The YouTube for Nonprofits program

Jun—Google Business Profile

Jun—Create statistics dashboards using Google's free Looker Studio

Jul—Google Ads Editor: the free desktop tool for managing ads

Aug—Plan your End of Year donation campaign

Sep—Tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Our training session was enormously insightful and great value as well, considering that what I learnt from our initial training session can be applied to both our ad grants and paid ad accounts. I’ve already noticed a big improvement in the number of impressions and CTR which was one of the key objectives I wanted to cover."

—Maui Riri,